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At Gagne, McChrystal, De Lorenzo and Burghardt, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we recognize that circumstances change and some cases require legal assistance months or even years after a divorce or paternity case has been finalized. These are referred to as “post judgment proceedings” and generally fall under two categories, enforcement and modification.


At times, post judgment assistance is needed to enforce terms of a family court order because a party is not in compliance.  There are a variety of statutes and legal support which provide authority to the court to assure that terms of court orders are followed for the benefit of both parties and children, including contempt proceedings which apply when a party has willfully violated a court order.


There are times when there are substantial changes in peoples’ lives such that certain provisions in the divorce judgment may need to change. These modifications can be memorialized through agreement or court order. Examples of reasons for modifications include relocation, change of placement, or an increase or decrease in a parent’s income.  Children’s placement schedules, allocation of custody, child support and maintenance or alimony are all common areas requiring post judgment modification.