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There are circumstances under which a couple contemplating a marriage or a couple that is already married may wish to have a prenuptial (prenup) or postnuptial (postnup) agreement to identify and classify their assets. These agreements may discuss the distribution of assets and debts at divorce and may also be a very effective estate planning tool.

Prenup and postnup agreements are used in cases where there is a need or desire to classify assets and to create a structure for how assets and income will be addressed in the event of a dissolution of marriage or death.  These agreements are contracts that affect the parties as well as third-party creditors and others.  These agreements must be drafted with an attention to detail that not only recognizes the unique law in this area but also captures the essence of what constitutes an equitable agreement.  Attorneys who work in this area must understand financial complexities, the need to obtain and share relevant financial information, and the ability to negotiate terms that have current and future application.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be very valuable and can create a peaceful environment for parties.  These contracts can serve as meaningful roadmaps for parties.  The attorneys at Gagne, McChrystal, De Lorenzo and Burghardt, located in Milwaukee, WI, have substantial experience creating prenup and postnup agreements.