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Also commonly referred to as a “Wisconsin Bankruptcy,” Chapter 128 offers residents of Wisconsin the opportunity to amortize debts, which can be paid back over the span of thirty-six months without interest or penalties accruing. Chapter 128s can be filed jointly with a spouse or by an individual. Because they are filed at the Circuit Court level, a Wisconsin Chapter 128 bankruptcy does not interfere with Divorce proceedings and can offer parties a more-affordable head start on debts they’re assuming in their settlement.

Chapter 128s are relatively easy to file and manage and payments can be made directly to the Trustee appointed to your case or via garnishment. The required monthly payment is often far less than the total of even the minimum payments due on debts included in the plan. A Wisconsin Chapter 128 bankruptcy can also be utilized to prevent and/or stop a garnishment, which can typically intercept a large portion of someone’s net income.

There are certain debts that cannot be included in a Wisconsin Chapter 128 bankruptcy, including, but not limited to: vehicle loans, mortgages, child support, taxes and student loans.