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We believe it is important to provide prospective clients with knowledge about the full range of legal options and potential outcomes under Wisconsin family law. An initial consultation allows us to learn about you, your family and your individual circumstances. It also allows you to learn more about our experience and the manner in which we will represent you. At the initial consultation, we answer your questions, give you procedural information, and outline the details and scope of our representation.  We spend the amount of time necessary for you to fully understand your rights and options, generally this takes one to two hours.  Because of the amount of time that we devote to these initial meetings, each attorney charges an initial consultation fee.

To schedule or learn more about an initial consultation, please contact us at (414) 273-5551, or fill out the form below.

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Request for Initial Consultation

If you are feel you are ready to meet with one of our attorneys, please call us at (414) 273-5551or complete the following form and we will be happy to contact you regarding scheduling. Please be advised that by completing the form below we have not developed an attorney-client relationship and we will not be representing you in any future proceedings; however, we will maintain the confidentiality of your information. Please provide only an email or phone number that you are comfortable with us using for purposes of response to this scheduling request.